Profile polishing

Polishing of stainless steel profiles (INOX steel)

Round profiles | Square profiles | Rectangular profiles

Thanks to many years of experience in the production of stainless steel products (Inox steel), we had the opportunity to create our own technological process based on abrasive materials created according to our own guidelines. In addition, the process itself is controlled by experts working on machines adapted by specialists.


All machines are modular, allowing them to be modified and improved on an ongoing basis. They are equipped with up to 6 oscillating polishing heads (polishing with a special paste and dry) and sanding heads using abrasive belts.

What do we offer?

The result of the high efficiency of the equipment and the large diameter range of ground and polished profiles is the availability of a wide range of products and reduced waiting time for standard materials made at the customer's request.

Sizes of square and rectangular tubes to be processed:
Minimum (width x height): 10 mm x 10 mm
Maximum (width x height): 200 mm x 200 mm

How to make an inquiry?

Please contact us by phone or email with information:
Which profile (cross-section - round/rectangular/square)
Dimensions of the profile (cross-section - e.g. 40x40x2 means 40mm wide, 40mm high, 2mm profile wall thickness)?
What profile length?
What end result are we interested in? Poler? Satin?


Completion date

The deadline for completing the order depends on the size of the ordered goods as well as the effect we wish to achieve. All non-standard productions require more work, which translates into a longer waiting period.

Furthermore, the implementation time depends on the condition of the profiles themselves that will be delivered to us. If a preliminary process is required (the so-called roughing), the time for such implementation will be automatically extended.

You will receive all information after submitting an inquiry.

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