Customised realisations

In this section, we focus primarily on projects that go beyond our company's general offering. We are an ambitious team and are also interested in other areas and sectors of the economy where we can demonstrate the artistry of our craftsmanship.

Maritime sector

The effect of water, and in particular seawater, on the corrosion of metals is a problem that boat and ship manufacturers have been battling for centuries. Today, the most effective solution is to use stainless steel. This provides a durable material that also looks beautiful and fits in well with the design of any floating object.

Automotive sector

Do you want to beautify your vehicle? Do you want to additionally secure the critical elements of your machine's structure? We will make piping, elements of vehicle structures, handles and other decorations for you.

Assistance for people with disabilities

We support the upgrading of facilities to make them suitable for use by people with disabilities. Not everyone is aware of the fact that sometimes one railing, handle or handrail makes it much easier for people with disabilities to move around the facilities of general accessibility.

Furniture sector

Each of us appreciates the quality of workmanship of the objects that surround us. In our history, we have cooperated many times in the production of custom-made furniture. We made constructions for cabinets, tables, self-standing and wall decorations. We also create our own projects personalized for a specific person.

Catering sector

Gastronomy is an industry where cleanliness is extremely strict, and the taste and quality of dishes depend on maintaining high hygiene standards. In addition, when preparing food, we deal with high temperatures. Stainless steel is ideal for this type of application because it is resistant to high and low temperatures, does not corrode, does not migrate from steel particles into the product and is resistant to chemicals. In addition, properly made utility items gain a great appearance.

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