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We specialize in processing Inox steel and create unique products of stainless steel used in exterior architecture, interior design, and industrial applications.
We create structures for stairs, railings, balconies, gates (including entrance gates, fence spans), and radiators. In addition, we offer various fittings, fastenings, brackets, rosettes, and other elements made of different types of steel.
We work with materials:
Polished stainless steel
Satin stainless steel
Black steel



Many years of experience gained during the execution of structures in many European countries allows us to make each project according to the client's preferences and guidelines, and the materials used from stainless steel meet the highest standards.


We have a design office, thanks to which we create technical documentation and visualizations at the customer's request. We make:
Designs of stairs
Railing designs
Balcony designs
Individual projects


Qualified staff that constantly watches over the process guarantees the execution of the order at a rapid pace.


Innovative solutions, a refined production process, knowledge of the stainless steel industry and services provided in many EU countries mean that the products we manufacture are always of the highest quality.


We are constantly developing our product base. Stainless steel can be used both outside buildings and beautify interiors, becoming a decoration of rooms. The addition to stainless steel of e.g. wood, glass or a combination of several types of steel produces excellent effects.

Our offer




We have a unique technology that we have developed based on many years of experience in the industry. This makes it possible to polish stainless metals to a ''High Mirror'' effect. In addition, we offer polishing of precious metals: brass, bronze, copper and aluminium.


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