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Is a trading and service company engaged in the creation of balcony structures, stairs, railings, handrails, handles, and other stainless steel components. Moreover, we specialize in the surface treatment of brass, copper, and bronze.

We provide our contractors with a comprehensive and professional service, offering assistance in choosing individual solutions. We have our own design office, which allows us to create our designs and visualizations. We cooperate with the client at every stage - before, during, and after the execution of the order.

Thanks to the technology we invented, designed, and developed, we polish rectangular and round profiles to a "High Mirror" effect ("Hochspiegel polierte Edelstahl"; "High Mirror Polished Stainless Steel").

Through the provision of high-quality services and the use of certified materials, we have also been recognized abroad. We carry out orders both in Poland and in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, and Ukraine.

Brief history

Chromsystem started its adventure with stainless steel polishing already in the first decade of the 21st century. By constantly striving for perfection, Mr. Grzegorz Bassara developed a polishing technology that required many changes both in the construction of commonly used machines and in the selection of appropriate abrasive materials. Thanks to cooperation with specialized machine modernization companies, it was possible to develop a 6-head oscillating polishing machine and, with the participation of companies from the chemical sector, to create our own products for processing stainless steel.

Today, we use and continuously improve the processes we have developed and apply 19 different techniques, depending on the final product outcome. The use of modular machines enables us to make changes and upgrades to our own production.

Our offer includes:
Parts for yachts, motorbikes, and all other products in the industries (where the quality of the materials and the finish of the stainless steel components is paramount)
Staircase structures
Balcony structures including guttering
Railings (with any kind of filling and finish - wood, glass, sheet metal, and other materials)
Customised Jacuzzi (with a heating mantle)
Entrance gates
Radiators (common and custom-made)
Dedicated grills for restaurants made of stainless steel
Polished and satin-finished profiles (square, rectangular, and round sections)
Mounting brackets

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